Barack Obama leads Virgina 2012 poll

A survey of Virginia voters conducted by the Washington Post shows President Barack Obama leading all potential Republican candidates in the state in a 2012 matchup. The results come as good news for the President, whose 2008 victory in Virginia will need to be repeated in his re-election campaign.


(Photo: Associated Press)

The highest-polling Republicans, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, each received 44 percent support. Half of the respondents supported Obama over Romney, while 52 percent supported the president over Huckabee.

At the bottom of the poll are two GOP lightning rods. Obama beats reality TV star Donald Trump in the state, 58 percent to 33 percent. Fifty-nine percent of potential voters support Obama over former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who received only 33 percent support.

In 2008, Obama won Virginia's 13 electoral votes, defeating Republican candidate John McCain by over 234,000 votes.

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