Bin Laden dead: White House celebrations lead to bike share spike

While Metro was sleeping, people descended upon the White House to celebrate. They didn't come by bus, they didn't come by car. They came by bike. And, as DCist notes, they came by bikes in droves.


Between 10 p.m. - roughly the time news about bin Laden's death  began to spread - and 2 a.m., 558 Capital Bikeshare bikes were rented, 300 of which came after midnight.

There were lots of "casual users" and first-time users, meaning people who had never used CaBi before took to the streets, knowing that Metro would not be running by the time they were done.

Should CaBi become a commonplace alternative to Metro, or even driving, in difficult transit situations - perhaps after Nationals games - it would force critics to re-think their opposition to investment in bike sharing systems.


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