Brittany Norwood: Lululemon murder suspect had restraining order

A new portrait of Brittany Norwood has emerged in recently-released court documents. This new picture shows a woman who stalked a former boyfriend, and required a restraining order, The Washington Post reports.


In 2007, Norwood allegedly used the alarm code of Maury Branch III to enter his home, where she stole his cell phone. She also stole the cell phone of Branch's then-girlfriend, Marjorie Noel. That incident, coupled with phone calls to Noel, led to a restraining order filed against Norwood on Oct. 3.

Branch was quoted telling court officials that he "feared for his safety," and believed Norwood needed "anger management" and a "psychiatric evaluation."

Although Norwood agreed to keep her distance from Branch and Noel, she was spotted in a dark blue Honda Accord, and allegedly followed the couple from his office in D.C. to a Office Depot in Silver Spring.

Christopher A. Griffiths, Norwood's attorney, told the Post that the charges "were never proven in court."

On March 11, Norwood allegedly stabbed and bludgeoned co-worker Janya Murray. Her body was found the next day.

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