Brook Peters makes 9/11 documentary

The same weekend that bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces, a young man released a very personal documentary of his experiences on 9/11.


Teenage filmmaker Brook Peters, 14, left, and his mother, Michelle Peters, a longtime volunteer fund-raiser for local firehouses, in New York. Brook's Sept. 11 documentary is called (Photo: Associated Press)

The storyteller was in kindergarten when the jets hit the World Trade Center, just blocks from his school

“I just remember just the crumbling of the towers, like falling in on themselves,” Brook Peters said.

Peters was four on that day. He knew many of the firemen who rushed to the towers. Raised by a single mother, she would often take him to the firehouse so that he would have male role models.

On that fateful September day, it was one of the firefighters who offered a little boy the words he will never forget.

“Grow up to be a good man,” Peters was told.

He saw the towers fall that day. For years, he struggled to make sense of it all.
He decided to make a documentary, interviewing other students and teachers who witnessed it too. Now 14, his documentary premiered this weekend not far from Ground Zero.

For Peters, talking to others opened up a window to his own feelings. "I never really talked about it until I started interviewing kids and teachers, if they're able to talk about it then I should be able to be more vocal about my experience that day,” he said.

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