Chamica Adams, driver in fatal DUI crash in Adams Morgan, to be sentenced


The spelling of Felisa Neuringer Klubes' name has been corrected. Her affiliation with SAIS was also corrected. She is the school's communications director, not a student. TBD regrets the errors.

“This was the worst day of her life,” Rudasill told TBD. “She’s extremely remorseful. It’s something she’s grieved over.”


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The sentencing memo, however, states that it is "hard to believe" that Adams had never been drunk before.

"Defendant had an active cell phone that was found on the floorboard of the vehicle after the crash," the memo reads. "Even though there were ninety separate usages of the phone between 6:00 p.m. and 7:22 p.m., there were no calls for assistance in getting home to Mitchelville [sic] around the time that the defendant left the club."

Adams took a plea deal in March, according to court records.

"She is not a victim at all," the sentencing memo reads. "She was careless and thoughtless. She put her personal satisfaction above the safety of others and for that she must pay the price."

The District Lounge and Grille released the following statement:

The death of Ms. Julia Bachleitner and injuries to Ms. Melissa Basque were sad and unfortunate. Drinking and driving is dangerous, illegal and as we have witnessed, has unfortunate consequences. The District trains every member of its staff to be aware of any and all visibly inebriated patrons or patrons who they suspect to be inebriated and to refrain from serving those individuals. The District Nightclub has fully cooperated with law enforcement as well as all regulatory bodies in the District of Columbia concerning the Chamica Adams incident. There has been no criminal complaint filed against the District Lounge and Grille or any employee. And, after an investigation and a Board hearing, the Alcohol Beverage & Regulation Administration Board found NO fault with any activity that the District Lounge and Grille engaged in the night of the incident. Ms. Adams was found to have a half consumed bottle of alcohol in her vehicle. Her consumption outside of the District Lounge and Grille was the catalyst for this incident.

Plea Agreement DUI Case

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