Documents: No information to support claim made in Haynesworth 911 call

There's no information to support statements made in a 911 call placed after an alleged sexual abuse incident involving Albert Haynesworth, according to court documents.


The emergency call, placed by a woman claiming to be Haynesworth's business manager, indicated that a "verbal altercation" took place after the Redskins defensive tackle was given the check at the W Hotel lounge in February.

"The caller reports that the defendant just called her from The W," the documents state. "Based solely upon statements made to her by defendant, the caller reports that defendant and a cocktail waitress got into a 'verbal altercation' over the amount of gratuity defendant paid on the check. According to the caller, the cocktail waitress was upset about a tip, and that the waitress threatened to say that she was harassed unless she was paid more money."

The problem with this claim, though, is that authorities interviewed witnesses to the alleged incident — including witnesses referred to them by Haynesworth — and no one reported a verbal altercation. Haynesworth himself reportedly told investigators that besides placing an order for food, he didn't talk to the waitress.

Haynesworth is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday morning. He has been indicted on a misdemeanor charge of sexual abuse.

Haynesworth, who is expected to attend the arraignment, was interviewed after the incident and allegedly told authorities, "I know what this is about, she is just upset that I have a white girlfriend."

"I couldn't tell you the last time I dated a black girl," He reportedly said. "She was trying to get with me."

The documents are posted after the jump. A spokesman said in an email that the U.S. Attorney's Office did not file the recording with the court and isn't making it public right now.

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