End of the world still approaching, billboard creator says

It's May, and if the billboards on the side of the road are to believed, it's the final countdown to May 21st, when one man believes the world as we know it will end, the Washington Post reports.


(Photo: Creative Commons/Bart Everson)

Harold Camping, a Christian fundamentalist radio host, is the man behind the billboards, signs, and vans alerting passers-by that we are now three weeks away from the rapture, and six months from the end of the world. This is Camping's second prediction; he previously predicted that the world was going to end in 1994.

This time, Camping insists that he's right, and the Post writes that a few locals agree with him. One Department of Homeland Security employee has taken a leave of absence until May 23, while an insurance underwriter from Silver Spring quit his job to "prepare" for the rapture.

Through a mathematical process that "would probably crash Google’s computers," Camping says, he used a formula based on random events in the Bible. He's bolstered, he says, by the recent earthquakes in South America, Haiti and Japan, and the tornadoes across the south. And, of course, homosexuality.

So what time can you expect the rapture to occur? You might want to take off work early, as Camping expects it to happen at 6 p.m.

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