Food Fight! Va. school might scrap prom after senior prank

The freshman was just eating his lunch.


He was sitting in the cafeteria in the West Springfield High School. Then he saw the food flying. Kids rose to their feet and started hurling things. The freshman got under his table. Food was everywhere. Milk was on the floor. Ramen noodles seeped toward him.

“Uh, I thought it was pretty fun,” said the freshman, referring to the much-covered food fight that went down last Thursday at WSHS. “I’m not going to lie. I just thought it made a boring day a little fun, you know?”

The irony is that the prank — so often the font of high-school reminiscences — might have cost WSHS seniors their last chance to create lasting memories with their classmates. The massive food fight led to the possible cancellation of the senior prom and senior trip. All senior activities were placed on hold until "we complete our investigation of the incidents today," the school's principal wrote in a letter sent to parents and guardians.

“All students involved are facing consequences from the school and some may also face criminal charges from Fairfax County Police,” WSHS principal Paul Wardinski wrote in the letter, which was posted on “School Resource Officer Plazio is leading our investigation in this matter. This is a very serious matter and senior pranks will not be tolerated in our building.”

Late Monday morning, an assistant to Wardinski said no decisions on the prom had been made.

This crackdown on fun might sit better with some students if they weren’t already suspicious of the school. One sophomore told TBD that plans for the food fight were all over Facebook and Twitter. He received text messages about it throughout the day, and thought additional teachers and other school officials were in the cafeteria that day. This makes the student wonder if the administration was tipped off. Who knew what, and when did they know it?

The student said the fight took place on taco day, a wise choice, what with the likely sauce selection that afternoon. He claimed one friend, who was walloped with a flying yogurt cup, suffered a concussion (“He gets injured a lot,” the student says), and another student was hit with an airborne chair. He spotted ketchup on the cafeteria ceiling the next morning.

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