Keep on Driving: A holiday roundup of rest stop crimes and catastrophes

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Admit it. You’d take a gas station outhouse that was last cleaned during the Carter administration over a poorly lit, virtually unoccupied highway outpost.

There’s just something rather unsettling about the highway rest stop, deserted and lonely. It could be miles from a police department. It’s a weary traveler’s last hope.

Rest areas and welcome centers scattered across the East Coast might see an uptick in traffic in the coming days, as Washington-area drivers escape for a long holiday weekend. Just in time for Memorial Day, TBD presents this roundup of rest stop incidents that might serve as a reminder to keep on driving.

OK, maybe it’s not fair to point out bear attacks in Asia. But we’re going to do it anyway.

An explosion of feral cats
Here’s the lede of a story that ran this week in the Sentinel-Tribune, of Bowling Green, Ohio:

Irresponsible pet owners and kind-hearted pet lovers are being blamed for a cat population explosion at a local rest area. The rest stop on northbound Interstate 75, just south of Bowling Green, has become home to 20 to 30 feral felines.

That’s right, a “cat population explosion.” In fact, so many cats live at the stop that Tina Perkins, administrative assistant to the deputy director of the ODOT office in Bowling Green, told the newspaper that it’s unclear exactly how many are there.

"They are kind of hard to count,” she said.

Remember the Beltway Snipers?
Hey, do you know where the Beltway snipers were eventually caught?

At a rest stop.

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