New student Metro cards to be distributed

The old Metro paper passes for students are being phased out, and will soon be replaced by electronic cards similar to the SmarTrip cards, the Washington Post is reporting. The first school to get the D.C. One cards will be School Without Walls in Northwest.


(Photo: Associated Press)

The electronic card system will not track usage or travel habits unless Metro asks DDOT to do so. However, D.C. council and Metro board member Tommy Wells told the Post that he would be open to the idea of eliminating the subsidy on the card should a student becomes “unruly” on a bus or train.

The card was initially suggested as a possible solution to youth crime on public transportation. Just last month, a girl was beaten on the Green Line.

Phase one of the program will include 500 students, but Metro hopes to expand the program to summer school students, and then to more middle and high school students in the fall.

READ THE FULL STORY at the Washington Post.

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