Northern Virginia gridlock: traffic impact fees a possibility

With new developments and superstores moving into already congested areas in northern Virginia, Fairfax County is considering imposing traffic impact fees to alleviate the mess, WAMU reports.


(Photo: Associated Press)

The excitement of a new Target moving in down the street, quickly fades with the realization that the commute time to Target doubles during traffic hour–add shopper traffic to the mix? The toothpaste might have to wait.

The Capital Beltway already ranks as the third worst commute in the nation.

When Walmart opened at Kings Crossing off Richmond Highway last year, traffic fell to gridlock. The Fairfax County Board is now considering the idea of imposing transportation impact fees on developers, though without much enthusiasm.

The impact fee would force developers to consider the impact new developments have on neighboring traffic. Fees would go toward alleviation measures such as turning lanes.

“I think it makes sense to further investigate,” said Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKay. “But like so many things, you know, it may not be the silver bullet that some people may think it is.”


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