Police chase goat in Gaithersburg (Video)

Police cruisers drove into oncoming traffic, chasing after the goat as it weaved around cars, in Gaithersburg yesterday, reports the Montgomery Village Patch.


(Source: Sebastian Montes, Montgomery Village Patch)

Loose goats are not an anomaly in the area, according to one animal control officer. Chasing a goat is similar to deer or large dogs.

“Yeah, except these are fast,” he said.

After running off the street, the goat ran into the Orchard Pond apartment complex, leaving police to chase it on foot, as onlookers took pictures, some attempting to aid.

“I done grew up with goats,” one man told Patch. “All you need is some bread.”

The goat soon left the apartment complex, running down the road–with police cruisers in tow again–before disappearing down the CSX railroad.

via Gaithersburg Patch

Watch the wild goat chase caught on video by Sebastian Montes of the Montgomery Village Patch.