Police Chief Cathy Lanier under fire for sexual discrimination

Police Chief Cathy Lanier is under fire for allegedly being harsher on male officers than female officers, the Washington Times reports.


Lainer is accused of demoting 10 men while not demoting eight women in similar situations. The top cop is able to demote commanders to a lower rank "without cause or hearing."

Victor Brito, one complainant of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint, was demoted after he disagreed with a decision not to discipline an officer accused of adultery. Brito was a 22-year veteran with a clean record and led the disciplinary branch of the Metropolitan Police Department prior to his demotion.

Lanier demoted Brito after a lieutenant under his command released the case file. One of the witnesses in the investigation is a friend of Lanier, and was a campaign consultant to Mayor Vincent Gray.

Brito reported to the EEOC that she demoted him to "put her own people in place, ‘people she could trust.'" 

While Brito was demoted, a number of women escaped punishment, including one who was transferred - but not otherwise disciplined - "amid swirling allegations of misconduct." In 2008, a female inspector was placed on sick leave for stress; a male inspector was demoted while on a similar stress-related sick leave. 

[via Washington Times