Rolling Thunder: Sarah Palin apparently invited herself (video)

UPDATE: Please disregard the story below. Palin did receive an invitation, as Politico is now reporting.


From the Politico story: "'An invitation had been extended to governor and she accepted,' said the group's National Parliamentarian, Mike De Paulo. 'She was not invited to speak -- she wass invited to participate. She wanted to experience the run and see who we are and what we're about.'

De Paulo said she'd been invited by an Alaska veteran leader, and a Palin staffer forwarded an email confirming that."

Original Story

Sarah Palin and Rolling Thunder. Something about that seems natural. A former candidate for vice president kicking off a tour of the Northeast on a huge bus. A bus, with a painting of the Liberty Bell and Constitution on the side, in a sea of American flags and veterans. "Going Rogue" and motorcycles. Perfect fit, no?

Well, not so much. The problem with this setup is that Palin was never actually invited to Rolling Thunder. She's just showing up, anyway.

"We didn't invite her," Ted Shpak of Rolling Thunder told MSNBC. "We don't endorse nobody. She's not invited to speak [on the stage after the rally]. We're not endorsing her."

How did the group find out that she was coming? "She came out with a press release that she was coming to Rolling Thunder." Still, if she wants to ride on the back of a motorcycle, she would be more than welcome. (The bus? Not so much.)

It's a black eye to Palin, who is still officially on the fence about whether or not she plans to run. She doesn't have a campaign yet (but does have a PAC, to which you can donate money). It also takes a bit of - well, chutzpah - to make it seem that she was endorsed and invited by a veterans' group.

"[Palin is] a big distraction," Shpak added. "This is not a political event." Although it is an open event, Shpak said he doesn't want Palin to take away from the reason the event is held: raising awareness of POW/MIA soldiers.

Watch Rolling Thunder's Ted Shpak speak to Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC:


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