Snakehead fishing on the Potomac: Show no mercy, says D.C. angler

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Long story short

A snakehead will take that ultra-light rod you got in your hand and use it as a switch to whip your ass.


This is one way to kill a snakehead fish.

Good morning and welcome to Snakehead Fishing Boot Camp! I'm your first mate, Hurricalfe, a man with virtually no nautical experience and an irrational fear of Potomac River sharks. Your captain today will be Steve Chaconas of the National Bass Guide Service, SEOPA / MDOWA, a death-dealing Ahab to local snakeheads with more than 100 Channa argus pelts in his trophy case. Say hello, Chaconas!

steve chaconas, snakeheads' worst nightmare

The captain says that 10 percent of the folks that pay for his guiding services choose to hunt snakeheads exclusively. (Photo gallery.) Congratulations: You are in that lucky 10 percent. But before we get started, I just want to make sure we all have our head in the right place.

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