Wal-Mart: Guns will not be sold in D.C. Wal-Mart stores

There will be no firearms sold in Washington, D.C.’s Wal-Mart stores, according to a Wal-Mart representative, The Washington Informer reports.


(Photo: Associated Press)

Phillip Keene, who is the senior manager for corporate communications, said in an interview that “there will be no guns in our Washington, D.C. stores.”

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. plans to open four stores in D.C. in a couple years, with locations on Georgia Avenue in Northwest, at the intersections of New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road in Northeast, on New Jersey Avenue in Northwest and at the corner of East Capitol and 58th Streets in Southeast.

The question stems from a Wall Street Journal April 28 report that said Wal-Mart planned to resume rifle, shotgun and ammunition sales in hundreds of its U.S stores in the future, making D.C. residents concerned about the selling of firearms in the District.

“These stores cater to sportsmen and those firearms will be used for activities like deer hunting. Again, we will not sell weapons in our D.C. or our New York City stores.”

District residents will benefit from the 400 construction jobs and 1,200 jobs that the stores will generate, Keene said.

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