D.C. Flag Tattoo Day mixes District flag with tattoos

Celebrating Flag Day and flashing flesh may not be two activities traditionally associated with one another, but after months of organization from a local group, this year's celebration of Flag Day coincides with "DC Flag Tattoo Day: Flag Day in the Flesh."


DC "shadow" Representative Mike Panetta shows his District pride with his new DC flag tattoo. (Photo: Autria Godfrey)

At 6pm Tuesday, those with tattoos of the stars and bars and even those without will gather at Dupont Circle, after the call was put out by local organizers and District resident Allyson Behnke. Behnke believes the gathering will effectively protest the District's lack of voting rights and at the same time promote hometown pride in a diverse and dynamic city.

Behnke told DCist: "I'd like to see positive attention be brought to D.C. We have a cultural renaissance going on in our city, with blooming communities of artists, entrepreneurs, designers and thinkers.” She noted that the number of people getting D.C. flag tattoos is quickly rising, but organizers have promised that for those unwilling to face the needle, there will be hundreds of temporary D.C. flag tattoos available for all who show up tomorrow..

The gathering will last for around two hours until 8pm, followed by a party at Eighteenth Street Lounge.

[via DCist]

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