D.C. ranks as tenth worst city for allergies

Just moved into the District, and suddenly inflicted with the worse sinus headache of your life? The D.C. region’s currently ranked as the tenth worst city in the nation for ragweed allergies, according to a study by Quest Diagnostics.


(Source: Flickr, way22precious-Deb)

The tiny green flowers are known to produce copious amounts of pollen. So, not only is America’s allergy problem getting worse, the District with a ragweed sensitization rate of 21.7, is a zombie-filled mass of itchy-eyed, runny-nosed, sniffly residents.

The study of nearly 14 million blood tests from about 2 million patients, done over a 4-year period, found ragweed sensitivity jumped 15 percent from 2005 to 2008.

“The level of sensitization to those common allergens is increasing,” says study author Stanley Naides in an interview with USA Today. “The highest areas are in the Southwest, and one has to raise the question of whether weather is contributing to this.”

A study shows stress also contributes to making allergies worse, but D.C. residents are one of the least stressed in the nation!

(via Quest Diagnostics)

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