Economic woes are creating an angry, sexless America

Angry birds are officially taking over. An unsettled economy, rising gas prices, and natural disasters are freaking Americans out. A recent Newsweek/Daily Beast poll found rising anger levels among Americans are affecting everything from sex drive to sleep.


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The nationwide unemployment rate hit 9.1 percent in May. An increase from 9 percent in April, attributed, in part, to May’s severe weather, high gas prices, and the domino effect of Japan’s earthquake, according to the Labor Department.

The survey of 600 American adults across the country assessed sentiments and attitudes of Americans finding:

"Americans are angry and nervous about the economic and fiscal issues facing the country."



Two-thirds of the respondents were angry with God.
Three-quarters thought the country was going the wrong way.
70 percent thought the Federal Government was messing up in regard to economic issues.
65 percent are angry at big corporations making record profits.
89 percent are angry at rising gas prices.


God’s not the only one American’s are angry at. Respondents felt neither President Obama nor the Republican Party had a plan to aid economic woes. Overall people felt their personal economic situations made them anxious, upset, and angry. Of the angry: 56 percent have trouble sleeping and 63 percent have a lower sex drive.

No wonder we didn’t make the happiest nations list.

(via the Daily Beast)

 Short of moving to Canada, perhaps migrating to 'happier' spots in America to save your sleepless, sexless soul.

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