Eric Toth, D.C. teacher accused of having child pornography, sought by FBI

For the past three years, Eric Toth, 29, has managed to evade the FBI, who have been searching for the former D.C. private school teacher who is accused of possessing child pornography on a school camera.


Photo from FBI

In 2008, pornographic images were found on Toth's camera. The child was a student in the Beauvoir School, where Toth taught third grade.

There have been only a few clues as to Toth's whereabouts. In August 2008, his car was found at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport with a suicide note. He was spotted in Arizona two years ago, living under an assumed name.

The FBI is now ramping up its efforts to find the teacher. He may be living under the name David Bassone.

[via WaPo, NBC Washington]

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