Nationals draft pick Zach Houchins: Bigot?

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Kids say the darndest things on Twitter these days! Like, for instance, "At least there's not a shitload of black people outside yelling right now at louisberg keeping me awake."

And: "My teacher just told me not to worry ab a make up test bc he'll pass me. Whatta boss nigga."

And: "Time to go and shit on niggas."

These are the Selected Tweets of Zachary Houchins. Not familiar with this esteemed writer? He's an 18-year-old shortstop from Louisberg (N.C.) who was drafted in the 15th round this year by the Washington Nationals. Oh, and in case you were wondering — yeah, he's white.

Nats blog For the Love of the Nationals posted Houchins' insightful thoughts on Wednesday. The mainstream press discovered it this morning. And now Houchins has deleted his Twitter page and the Nats front office is "aware of, and are investigating, the statements."

What's there to investigate? Is Houchins claiming he doesn't know the origin of the tweets?

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