Orange Line ranks as America's 'Most Romantic' spot

If you've been eyeing the cute passenger next to you on your morning commute, imagining conversation over dinner, you're not alone. The Orange Line Metro's Vienna/Fairfax-GMU stop is the "Most Romantic Subway/Metro Station" in the country, according to Craigslist.


Saying hi to strangers isn't as creepy as writing them love notes and noting their attire. (Source: Kim Chi Ha)

Brooklyn's "L" train fell out of love, as the Virginia stop took the top spot with the most "Missed Connections" on Craigslist — a collection of wistful posts riders write to strangers whom they're attracted to, but don't have the balls to start a conversation with at the risk of seeming creepy.

"This is a total longshot but what the hell :) I got on the train around 10 or so at Foggy Bottom right after work. You are blond haired, about 5'5" with a great smile and gorgeous eyes. You were wearing a black and white dress with a pink sweater. We caught each others glances a few times and you smiled and those they are beautiful. You seem like a good person... I guess you just have an honest face. You definitely caught my eye and i feel like a fool for not even saying hi. Meet for coffee sometime?  Tell me what I was wearing or what the obnoxious guy was yelling so I know it's you." - Orange line towards Vienna last night

'Cause messages online from strangers asking for meet-ups aren't creepy.

Chicago's "L" train is garnered as the nation's "Most Romantic Transit System," while Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston and New York are home to cities with the top five "romantic" stops.

Some advice on life and love — try saying "Hi" in person next time, it might actually work.

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