Shake Shack, Blue Smoke open at Nationals Park

Shake Shack at Nationals Park. (Source: JDLand)

Ballpark eating never looked so good — restauranteur Danny Meyer opens his second Shake Shack in the District at Nationals Park today, just in time for the Nats' three-game homestand against the St. Louis Cardinals.


The Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk just got sweeter. Meyer's also dishing out Blue Smoke, a barbecue joint infamous for their "barbecued beef bologna sandwich" and Kansas City spare ribs. Box Frites and El Verano Taqueria food stands, Meyer's inceptions at New York's Citi Field join the party.

The Washington Post's Tim Carman writes of a recent visit to the Manhattan-based Blue Smoke, "The somewhat dry brisket had a gorgeous bark and a smoke ring as well-defined as Lady Gaga’s lips, but the best protein on the plate was the pork sausage, as good and spicy as any Elgin Hot Gut."

Sadly, the pork sausage won't be offered at the ballpark. Both Shake Shack and Blue Smoke will be offering scaled-down versions of their restaurant menus. No worries though, the Belgian-inspired Box Frites' Garlic Parmesan fries are so mouthwatering, dipping sauces aren't even necessary — sounds too good to be true.

Today's gorgeous weather bodes for a breezy summer evening — sunglasses, shorts, smartphone (or making friends with strangers) — waiting in the long, long lines will be no sweat.


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