Speed cameras: D.C.'s most ticketed locations

Good morning folks! Hope no one sped to work this morning. The District dished out a whopping 147,000 mobile speed camera tickets last year — and that only accounts for the top three most ticketed locations, reports WUSA9.

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Obey the speed limit. (Source: Flickr, bredgur)

Drivers cruising down the Southeast-Southwest Freeway at 9th Street in Southeast were among the most ticketed: 71,000 were issued. A short block away, a second camera caught 49,000 speeders. If you were lucky enough, you probably were issued two tickets in a day. The third most ticketed spot in the region was at I-295 at Eastern Avenue in Northeast, with 26,000 tickets issued between October 2009 and September 2010.

Though drivers can usually spot the mobile speeding machines, it's hard to notice if they've snapped a photo of your speeding vehicle, which often leads to careless drivers getting multiple tickets in their mailbox.

With the District raking in so much dough, one motorist asked WUSA9, "What are they doing with the money? It's just so much money being made."

Not enough money, apparently. When the District installed the speed traps, the estimated revenue was to be in the tens of millions. But D.C. drivers aren't as reckless as the city had predicted, leaving an $18 million shortfall for the District this year.

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