Summer Entertainment Guide 2011: The season's best theater, music, and, uh, wrestling

Summer is what you make it. Want proof? You got your meteorological summer, a straight June 1-Aug. 31 affair. There's astronomical summer, which runs from the summer solstice (June 21 this year) to the fall equinox (Sept. 23). If you are an elementary school student in Arlington, summer is June 24-Sept. 6. And if you're a person of quality, you wouldn't dream of wearing white unless it's one of the long hot days between Memorial and Labor days.


The TBD Arts crew has a loose definition appropriate for people who work on the Internet: If you can wear sandals, it's probably summer. Here are a few things you can rock the flip-flops to, and as long as we're not too hot, we'll keep updating this guide all summer long.

Music: The Man can take away your Bartles & James at Jiffy Lube, but he can't stop you from seeing Buffett under the stars! Do you hate being surrounded by people who are sitting on picnic blankets, or experiencing alcohol poisoning, or un-conditioned air? TBD has a guide to the best indoor concerts, too.

Theater: It's not all blockbusters and Mom-pleasers. Well, OK, it's mostly that.

Wrestling: You don't have to drive far into Maryland and Virginia to find events far weirder than the big names writhing around at the Verizon Center.

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