U2 in Baltimore: Gridlock commute expecting 80,000 fans

There's no line on the horizon for evening commuters. (Source: Facebook, U2)

Good morning, D.C. area commuters! If you live in the vicinity of Baltimore, you should probably start your evening commute home right about now. U2 is coming in town, and crowds of about 80,000 fans are expected to arrive at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, for this evening's 360° tour, warns the Maryland Transit Administration.


Heavy traffic is expected to start around 5 p.m., with Florence and the Machine opening the show at 7 p.m.

On the bright side, the crowd probably won't max past 80,000 — the stadium's capacity at 71,008, set a record attendee of 75,000 in 1999 at the HFStival, reports the Washington Post. The show's not sold out yet — 1,500 extra tickets were released to Ticketmaster yesterday — though only 392 tickets were left at StubHub this morning.

At 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, two fans were already in line at the stadium, munching on burgers from Five Guys — the only way to survive the dog days of summer. For those attending the show — the massive stage, installed specifically for the show stands at 90 feet tall, with a 14,000 foot cylindrical video screen, reports the Baltimore Sun.

Looks like this evening's commute bodes perfect for figuring out complex life equations. Prep some tunes, cheese and crackers, use the toilet before getting in the car — there might really be no line on the horizon this evening, but maybe, we'll figure out what we're looking for.



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