Virginia motorcycle laws amended: A red light change in store

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A new Virginia law that takes effect tomorrow will allow drivers of motorcycles and mopeds to treat red lights as stop signs provided they come to a complete stop for two minutes and determine it's safe to proceed. Bicycles will also be held to this new law — a moot point, since bicycles don't care about traffic laws to begin with.

Great. Now everyone will want a motorcycle. (Photo: Associated Press)

The only time you'll be able to use this law seems to be late at night on back roads. If you're on a main road, you most likely won't have to wait a full two minutes, and during the day it probably won't be "safe to proceed." And red-light cameras don't care if you've stopped for two minutes, so you'll have to just wait.

The state's General Assembly also passed a law allowing Tea Party–themed license plates. So there you have it, folks: Your partisan government, hard at work.

[via InsideNova]

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