Virginia's major import: Trash

Virginia's post-modern romance: trash. (Source: Flickr, dabdiputs)

Lovers beware, your next date might be next to a mega-landfill. Virginia's taking home the prize in 2010 as the second leading importer of trash in the country, falling behind only to Pennsylvania, according to a recent report from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.


The state's hauling 5.5 million tons of trash — over a quarter of its total — from 24 states and several countries, including Mexico and Canada, reports NBC Washington. A 6 percent increase from 2009, and the first since 2006

Two million tons of the lovely rubbish came from Maryland, and another million came from the District. New York, North Carolina and New Jersey were other major contributors.

A majority of state's 15 mega-landfills reside in southeast Virginia. One recently built "could in theory grow to be 500 feet tall, which is the height of the Washington Monument," says Vivian Thomson, author of Garbage In, Garbage Out: Solving the Problems with Long-Distance Trash Transport, to UVA Magazine.

Making love in piles of imported rubbish — a post-modern romance.

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