Bushnell: ‘Sex and the City’ not coming to D.C.

Carrie Bradshaw won’t be sipping martinis on Connecticut Avenue anytime soon. Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell told The Hill she has no plans to film an adaptation of her new novel, Summer in the City, in D.C.


Good thing D.C.'s not a city, so it wouldn't work anyway. (Source: Flickr/Manfrys)

Let us all take a moment to thank God, or whoever else is responsible for this wonderful news.

The prequel in The Carrie Diaries series tells the story of Carrie’s first summer in New York City, when the fictional sex columnist is just beginning to — oh, forget it. You don't really care, do you?

Bushnell says D.C. is “full of fantastic stories," but that, as she's never lived here, those stories are "for somebody else to do."

Is anyone here interested in writing about four loathsome, self-centered women who live in, say, Georgetown, and have nothing better to do than eat, shop, and complain about men? Yeah, didn't think so.

[Ed. note: It is possible that Kim likes Sex and the City. I do not. Any negativity in this article is mine alone.]

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