Chesapeake Bay dead zones growing, threatening sea life

While the latest string of hot and humid weather have taken a toll on the area's residents, it's wreaking even more havoc on the already delicate Chesapeake Bay watershed.


According to officials, dead zones in the bay are growing at an alarming rate, zapping the region's oxygen, which is critical to sustaining marine life.

Nutrient pollution is the main culprit behind the growing dead zones, officials say.

"By the end of May this year, we have received the annual average load for the entire year coming over the Conowingo Dam," Bruce Michael of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources says.

Graysonville, Md. Waterman Dennis Anthony says that when the dead zones grow, the region's sea creatures scramble to get away.

"Crabs and fish and everything get away from it," Anthony says. "It's almost like us being around fire."

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