D.C. Central Kitchen expands, now works with We the Pizza

C'mon, admit it. You love him. (Photo: TBD Staff)

The next time you eat at We, the Pizza, that might be D.C. Central Kitchen's tomato sauce smudged on your cheeks, as the nonprofit organization has struck a deal with Spike Mendelsohn's Capitol Hill pizzeria to provide 18 gallons of the stuff per day.


The sauce will, both sides hope, be just the first of many foods — potatoes for french fries, burger toppings, chicken wing sauces, salad dressings — prepared for We, the Pizza and Mendelsohn's other business, Good Stuff Eatery, which is expanding to Georgetown and Crystal City next year, the Post reports. Such an ambitious output has become possible with the opening of a new commercial kitchen for Central Kitchen's profitable side business, Fresh Start Catering, which has been making three meals a day for seven District schools since last August, and has won catering deals at the University of the District of Columbia and ArenaStage.

“The relationship just made so much sense to me, I hardly had to think about it,” Mendelsohn said. “They get a better price, I get a better price, everybody’s happy, people are working, and the product is local.”

See, D.C.? He really, truly cares about us. So maybe it's time we stopped ripping him for this.

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