D.C. teacher fired for 'Mr. Teachbad' blog, he says (video)

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This man used to teach your children.

Peter Gwynn is one of 206 D.C. public school teachers who were fired earlier this month for poor performance, but he believes he was really let go because of his blog, Mr. Teachbad, where he wrote that lazy students should "piss off" and that forcing kids to take AP tests is "fucking pathetic." Yeah, that might have something to do with it.

Gwynn, who taught at the Columbia Heights Education Campus, wrote in a letter to the Post:

I believe that my administrators wanted to get rid of me and that I was punished for my writing. In the blog I never reference people or places by name — and my name is not on it — though I do recount events from my school truthfully and in detail. It is satirical, vulgar, bombastic, and critical. If I worked for myself, I would want to fire me. Many people have expressed disapproval of the blog. That is their right, as it is my right to write it.

What could be so bad about his blog ("Where Teachers Laugh and Complain")? Well, let's see. The banner image is of a switchblade and a piece of ruled paper with the word "teachbad" written in red glitter ink, to resemble blood. OK. And his posts? One reads:

I’ve sort of had it with kids who just don’t want to do anything. If you are plainly not trying to pass my class, then piss off. You do nothing but consume resources. You are a black hole. I’m so tired of the 'we won’t give up on you' stories and rhetoric. Maybe we should give up sometimes. I gave up trying to dunk a basketball when I came to understand that I was not very tall, nor could I jump well. That just wasn’t my thing.

And another:

My school gets a big award every year and a write-up in the paper because it forces hundreds of kids to take AP tests who have no chance of passing AP tests. NO CHANCE. HUNDREDS. I do not exaggerate. The key is that the award is based just on the number of kids who we force to take the tests, not the number who pass. So we can’t lose. We threaten kids for weeks that their poor immigrant parents will have to pay $87 if they don’t show up for the test. It’s fucking pathetic.

Other posts include "Jesus Loves You, But Everyone Else Thinks You're An Asshole" and "I Was a Shittier Teacher This Week." Gwynn even has his own YouTube channel, where, in one video, he's wearing a disguise and singing a song entitled "I Hate Children."

Wow. We are torn between admiring his chutzpah and considering how we would feel if we had children.

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