Flash mob robbery: D.C. store robbed

I bet this has inspired all sorts of flashing. (Photo: Flickr/Wonderlane)

And here you thought flash mobs were harmless events that, when not ruined by TBD, allow us to laugh at politicians or theatre freaks, or to protest something or other. Not so! A flash mob broke out at a Victoria's Secret in Georgetown yesterday, and instead of dancing on the counters or breaking out in song, they stole a bunch of panties and bras.


But wait. According to Fox 5, there were just four suspects — two men and two women, who loaded baby strollers and shopping bags with stolen merchandise. Since when do four people constitute a "flash mob"? I guess if you're Fox, it does. While Merriam-Webster doesn't specify a size, we always understood flash mobs — and mobs in general — to involve a large group of people.

When it comes to these supposed flash mob robberies, D.C. doesn't have it as bad as Chicago, where 29 people were arrested in connection with "flash" assaults and robberies. So much for social media bringing us peace on earth.

Flash Mob Robbery Occurs at Victoria's Secret Store in Georgetown: MyFoxDC.com