Flight attendants want to be appreciated more

A flight attendant’s group is launching a national campaign to raise awareness of the changing role of flight attendants.


The campaign by the National Association of Flight Attendants promotes them as first responders.

“Aviation is one of the safest ways to travel and one of the ways it's safe is because of all the flight attendants on the aircraft,” said Candace Kolander of the association.

Representatives helped passengers try on life vests and showed off the equipment they use, from defibrillators to smoke hoods.

“We're trained to fight fires, we have extinguishers, defibrillators, for medical situations, first aid kits,” Kolander said. “We attend yearly training on how to deal with all the emergencies on board the aircraft.”

The association insists this campaign is not about future contracts with airlines or a response to passengers who don't respect the work they do.

Kolander says the association wants to make clear to passengers that their first priority is not necessarily service, it's safety and security.

“Originally flight attendants aboard the aircraft had to be single a certain age, a certain height and over the years flight attendants’ roles have increased to remind passengers of safety. We're there for evacuation purposes,” she said.

Passengers admit it's easy to take them for granted. “I think it's reassuring to know there's someone on the plane, someone in control and I think it's a very positive thing to see woman be able to run things on the plane,” airline passenger Lyn King said.

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