H Street businesses threatened by gentrification

Birdland, like a lot of other longstanding H Street businesses, is now closed. To take the place of that soul-food joint will be Home Slice, a restaurant that will feature tapas, wood-fired pizza, and a wine bar. We've seen this battle before, and we know how it ends.


All aboard, gentrifiers! (Photo: TBD Staff)

A major point in the 2010 mayoral election was the rising gentrification, which was placed right at the foot of Adrian Fenty. You see how well he did. And while gentrification brings with it the perception of security — even if reaity, sometimes, is quite different — it's saddening to see so many lives uprooted and businesses closed because they can't keep up with rising rents and property taxes. We're "One City," sure, but only for those who can still afford it.

[via Examiner]

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