H Street gentrification and revitalization is an old story

We'll be using this photo another dozen times for stories about H Street. (Photo: TBD Staff)

With the New York Times' recent story about racial unease on H Street being followed, this past weekend, by the Post's own take, it seems stories about that corridor have hit a fever pitch. Indeed, since the beginning of the year, the City Paper, Examiner, TBD and others have also made known their thoughts on the subject. Yes, the times are a-changin' on H Street, and the media won't let you forget about it.


Thing is, the media has been reporting this same story for years now, and to prove it, we at TBD decided to make a list. A search of Nexis for "H Street" and "revitalization" or "gentrification" yielded nearly 700 results, including deep cuts like "The Merchants of H Street," a lengthy City Paper story from 2000. But to make our task manageable, we decided to go only as far back as 2006, when the Argonaut, "H Street's original culinary gentrifier," opened.

Roll Call covered H Street intensely in 2006, including three stories within four days that September, but then dropped off as the other outlets took over. Stories even appeared in papers from the Old Country! That's when you know that a trend story is trending with the media — and when we, as local journalists, should focus our eyes on less-obvious emerging neighborhoods.

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