Ronald L. Divel resisted arrest just to feel a Taser (video)

Meet Ronald Divel, a Frederick man who allegedly refused to be captured by police until he was hit by Taser probes. No, he wasn't trying to escape; he just wanted to know what it felt like to have thousands of volts of electricity flowing through his body.


"Please tase me, bro!" (Photo: Frederick County Police)

Late Sunday night, a Frederick County Police officer was waved down by a man who said his red tractor had been stolen. According to court documents, the officer found Divel and an underage girl driving the tractor through a cornfield. The officer chased them on foot, and when he caught up, Divel jumped off the tractor and resisted arrest, at which point he was Tased, bro. Asked by a sheriff's deputy why he resisted arrest, Divel explained that he wanted to know what being Tased felt like.

There are much easier ways to accomplish being tased. For starters, you can buy a Taser and go to town on yourself. If that doesn't work, you could go to a Philadelphia Phillies game and run onto the field:

Or, you could simply ask John Kerry a question:

[Frederick News-Post via Fox]

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