Second grade CEO donates $3,300 to kids' summer camp

Here's a bucket of baseballs, now go away. (Source: Flickr/laffy4k)

While most kids are still figuring out how to use a toilet properly, 7-year-old Rachel Harris is running a nonprofit organization and doing very nice things for other people. Meanwhile, the rest of us are wasting our lives.


Harris, as CEO of the nonprofit Let’s Help Kids, is donating $3,300 so that 11 kids from low-income families in Fairfax County can go to summer camp. Here's the origin story, via Patch: At 5, Harris read Carol McCloud’s children’s book Have You Filled a Bucket Today?, a daily happiness guide for kids that should probably be required reading for adults everywhere. Afterward, she told her mom she wanted to own her own business.

“If I ‘fill their buckets’ then they will, in turn, fill other people’s buckets. Pay it forward!” Harris writes on her website.

Through her organization, Rachel and her mother also give birthday presents and bicycles to kids in the area. “We want kids to feel like kids,” Sterling says. “We do what is necessary for a kid, which is the birthday present, the bicycle and going to summer camp.”

I never had the luxury of attending camp, instead spending summers playing in cardboard boxes. Glad to know there's a chance at happiness for other kids out there.

[Ed. note: Kim, please stop depressing our readers.]

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