Strauss-Kahn's Georgetown home: Neighbors say the couple never spoke

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(Photo: Andrew Beaujon/TBD | Date: Jun. 09, 2011)

Living among D.C.’s political and social elites, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife were inconspicuous — boring, even.


A boring photo for a boring truth. (Source: TBD/Andrew Beaujon)

Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF head, and Anne Sinclair, a former high-profile French journalist, moved into their $4 million Georgetown row house four years ago, but the couple didn’t speak much with their neighbors. In fact, up until Strauss-Kahn's May arrest for allegedly raping a hotel maid in New York, many didn’t even know they lived there.

“He was one that didn’t sort of wave or be a part of the community,” Rebecca Klemm, a neighbor, told the Post. “I didn’t even talk to him, and I’ve talked to everyone else in the neighborhood.”

Despite enjoying Washington's international culture, Sinclair once wrote on her blog: “Of course, I am always irritated by the ‘wow,’ the ‘you are soooo nice,’ the ‘I loooove your shoes, they are gorgeous!’ from the woman who is with you in the line at the bank counter.” These sentiments come as no surprise; the French aren't known for their compliments.

Recently released from house arrest, Strauss-Kahn is facing new allegations from a French journalist claiming he raped her in Paris. Somehow, though, there's still talk of his being the next president of France. There seems to be no hope, however, that he will become an interesting neighbor.

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