UMD sets record for human-powered helicopter flight (video)

Fifty engineering students from the University of Maryland have made yet another record-setting flight in their human-powered helicopter. But temper your expectations for the video below.


I'll huff and I'll puff.

In May, the team of 50 from the Clark School of Engineering set the world record for a 4.2-second flight, which doesn't seem that long. This time, they managed a 12.4 second flight, which is slightly more impressive, considering that they created what looks to be the first flying erector set:

The ultimate goal for the Clark team is to win the Sikorsky Prize, a $250,000 award for the first human-powered helicopter to hover 3 meters above the ground for 60 seconds while staying in an area of only 10 square meters — in other words, a helicopter designed to go nowhere. No wonder the challenge, created in 1980, has yet to be met.

[via WaPo]

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