Veterans 'march' on Washington, D.C., via Facebook

On the bright side, we didn't have deal with obnoxious people like this today. (Photo: Flickr/Cristiano Betta)

The Disabled American Veterans have been marching on Washington all day today. Why didn't you see them during your lunch break? Because this "march" consisted of logging onto Facebook and clicking "I'm Attending." And then clicking "Like." Lots of clicking, basically.


The national nonprofit, which is headquartered in Kentucky but has a secondary headquarters in D.C., organized the virtual march to protect veterans' compensation and benefits, which, the worry goes, are imperiled by cuts proposed during this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad debt debate.

The day-long march has had 15,685 "attendees" so far, and 53,517 likes. Nicole Martuscelli Wright wrote on the march's Facebook wall, "IT IS HIGH TIME FOR A REVOLUTION." The all-caps are important, otherwise you'd never know she was shouting. From her office desk.

[via the Boston Globe]

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