Wicked Waffle: 'No Butter, No Syrup' opens Monday

That said, this looks somewhat appaealing. (Source: Facebook/Mosaic Cuisine and Cafe)

Wicked Waffle, where you won't find syrup or butter, is opening Monday in Farrugut, according to Urban Daddy. "We leave out the extra calories and the predictable ingredients," reads the restaurant's promo. "How wicked is that?" Uh, yeah, pretty wicked. But seriously, can we have some syrup and butter now?


The "brainchild," in the parlance of today's food writing, of Mosaic Cuisine and Cafe owner Thierry Jugnet, Wicked Waffle will be a quick-serve counter offering Waffle French Toast, Roasted Fuji Apples and Cinnamon Waffle, Savory Nova Waffle, and lunch sandwiches like prosciutto di parma, mozzarella and arugula waffle, and, of course, a grilled ham and cheese croque waffle monsieur. There's dessert, too, but I bet they won't have strawberries or whipped cream or anything else that you expect on your waffles.

UPDATE: Well, apparently they will have strawberries and whipped cream, so not all hope is lost. (Ed. note: My bad, Kim!)

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