Arlington serial bank robber doesn't give a damn (video)

Some robbers are noteworthy because of their hygienic habits while committing a crime. Others make the news because of their eco-conscious means of escape. But this old, serial bank robber in Arlington just doesn't give a damn.


In the past ten weeks, say police, he's robbed six banks — well, technically four, but he made repeat visits to two of them — apparently without a weapon, or ever hiding his face. Real nonchalant, this guy. On Tuesday, he hit a BB&T bank on N. Washington Boulevard by strolling in, saying he was going to rob the joint, and walking out with some cash. He neither showed a gun nor announced that he had one.

In our minds, the conversation went something like this:

Robber: "I'd like to make a withdrawal."
Teller: "Do you have an account with us?"
Robber: "No, but you're going to give me money anyway."
Teller: "OK!"

Police, who somehow remain stumped, describe the suspect as "white, in his 50s, about six feet tall and with a thin build," according to the Post. But you can see that for yourself! Because, you know, there's surveillance video of all of his robberies. As the clip below shows, our casual crook sometimes rests his spectacles on the tip of his nose, all grandpa like, and is fond of flatcaps and baseball hats. And neon shirts.

We like to imagine that after a robbery, he looks for the nearest cafe and just, ya' know, puts up his feet and settles in with today's newspaper.

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