Black and Orange (formerly Rogue States) burger joint stops nauseating lawyers

Today is a historic day, folks: A bunch of lawyers have stopped complaining about something. We're not sure this has ever happened before, but it's true: Law firm Steptoe & Johnson no longer has an issue with Dupont Circle burger joint Black and Orange, formerly Rogue States, which the firm had sued over foul odors.


I'm sorry, but how does this cause nausea? (Photo: Flickr/tvol)

Rogue States, which USA Today thought made the best burger in D.C., was ordered to shut down by a Superior Court judge last year. The lawyers alleged the odors were causing "headaches, nausea, dizziness, watery and itchy eyes, drowsiness and distraction." In June, after installing a $90,000 ventilation system, Rogue States reopened as Black and Orange.

"Our sole concern has been the health and welfare of our employees," the firm's spokesperson told the National Law Journal. "As long as that issue is addressed, we're pleased to have them back in the neighborhood."

We're glad they've stopped whining. Probably wouldn't hurt for them to eat a few more burgers, anyway.

[via City Paper]

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