D.C. colleges rank high in future politicians and computer geeks, not prettiness

Georgetown University. (Flickr/rachaelvoorhees)

Newsweek, the aptly named magazine that prints news once a week, has published its 2011 college rankings, which rates student bodies on everything from their brains to, well, the students' bodies. We regret to inform incoming freshman that no local school made the "horniest" or "most beautiful" lists, but with 20 top-25 lists, there were plenty of questionable accolades to go around.



Future Politicians, 3rd

Schools for Computer Geeks, 12th

Best Schools for Foreign Students, 14th

Best Food, 15th

University of Maryland, College Park

Future Politicians, 16th

Schools for Computer Geeks, 16th

Best Party Schools, 21st

George Washington

Future Politicians, 9th

Least Rigorous, 16th

Best Party Schools, 18th

American University

Gay-Friendly, 7th

Least Rigorous, 12th

St. John's College (Annapolis)

Most Rigorous, 8th

Accessible Professors, 16th

Brainiacs, 20th

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