D.C. is the worst city at coping with weather, says Farmers' Almanac

Snow accumulates on a bench, shutting down the entire city. (Photo: Heather Farrell)

What many of us have long suspected has finally been confirmed: D.C. is the worst at coping with bad weather. The Farmer's Almanac ranked us number one on a list of the "Top Ten Cities Where Weather Can Shut Down Everyday Life." The publication, which has been around since 1818, cited Snowmageddon as the principle reason, writing in a press release,

The result of all this was a complete shutdown of the nation’s capital: flights were cancelled; schools were closed; and the federal government sent workers home, where they were stuck for several days, because the region was ill-equipped to deal with so much snow. Even the Office of Personnel Management closed all federal agencies in the Washington, D.C., area for several days. In addition, Amtrak stopped most trains headed south from Washington, affecting fans going to the Super Bowl in Miami.

That we might be weather wimps is nothing new, and what do these Mainers know about us, anyway? Two years ago, they predicted a hurricane would hit the Mid-Atlantic coast sometime between Sept. 1 – 3. They were off by five whole days!

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