Donald Trump eyes D.C. hotel at Old Post Office

This building is just crying out for gold plating. (Photo: Cliff/Flickr)

Up until now, one of the advantages of living in the Washington, D.C. area has been the ability to live a relatively Trump-free life. Sure, he'd show up now and then — like the time he pretended to run for president — but the buildings have been pleasantly free of gaudy gold plating.


That may be coming to an end, as the Trump corporation has submitted a bid for the Old Post Office, a beautiful but underused local landmark that the General Services Administration has put up for redevelopment. The Trump plan would redevelop the building into a 300-room "ultra-luxury hotel" — something that we imagine will be classy out the wazoo. Should Trump's proposal be accepted, it would be led by his daughter, Ivanka.

Of course, when dealing with Trump, there are a few risks that need to be taken into account. The Donald doesn't exactly have a sterling track record when it comes to avoiding bankruptcy. The organization is a bit reckless in dealing with neighbors. And he tends to get lawsuit-happy when the bills come due.

Trump already has one property in the region; his company owns a golf course that, according to its website, is "in Washington, D.C." — the Trump National Golf Club, 25 miles away in Potomac Falls. If he gets his hotel at the Old Post Office site, I bet he'll claim it's "on the National Mall."

[via WaPo]

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