Flash mob robbery in D.C., third in the area, makes it a trend (video)

If it happens once, at a Victoria's Secret, it's a fluke. A second time, at a 7-Eleven, it's a coincidence. A third time, at an unidentified convenience store in Northwest D.C., and it's a trend. I'm speaking, of course, about flash mobberies. Cue the Sunday Post feature story!


WUSA reports that, on surveillance footage, 10 women are seen grabbing "candy, chips, sodas and ice cream — roughly five items each. At one point, they even load up a shopping bag, before running out in a pack."

One interviewee, the mother of two teenage daughters, was appalled that girls would do such a thing, saying, "Girls?! Are you sure? That's unbelievable. I'm speechless. I have nothing else to say because I can't believe it's ten girls, going around robbing people." But other people whom WUSA spoke with, all anonymous, are totally cool with this whole mass-robbery business:

'In the state of the economy, somebody's hungry, who's to say what's right and what's wrong?,' said a woman who declined to give her name.

Some people with whom we spoke practically condoned the thieves' actions, saying this was a sign of tough economic times.

'They didn't go in there to get no money. So they must have been going in there to get something to eat,' said a young man.

Added a woman, 'Americans are starving. They're out of work, they're losing their homes. So if teenagers need to flash to get food?'

I'm sure that's precisely the case. Yes, these girls were starving, and if they didn't soon get their hands on some nutritious Doritos or filling Ho Hos, they might not have been long for this world. Thank god they were able to organize this complicated crime before it was too late!

Perhaps it's time for a little perspective.

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