Gauguin painting attacker strikes National Gallery of Art again

Susan Burns, the Virginia woman accused in April of trying to rip Paul Gauguin's famous nude painting, Two Tahitian Women, from the wall at the National Gallery of Art, appears to have struck again at the museum last week. This time around, she allegedly attacked Henry Matisse's The Plumed Hat, a 1919 oil painting of a woman who is, as the title suggests, clothed.


The Smoking Gun reports that last Friday, the 53-year-old Alexandrian grabbed the antique original frame of the 18 ¾" x 15" painting, which is valued at $2.5 million, and slammed it against the wall three times, damaging the frame but not the painting itself, according to police. Burns was charged with unlawful entry, destroying property, attempted theft, and — because of a D.C. Superior Court order barring her from the museum after the Gauguin attack — contempt.

There's no indication yet that Burns considers the Matisse painting to be evil, too.


matisse plumed hat
Matisse's 'The Plumed Hat' (Flickr/Cliff1066)