Hurricane Irene's funny videos, from streaker to Fox reporter covered in sewage

If you woke up this morning feeling like Hurricane Irene wasn't nearly as bad as you'd expected, and were feeling a little misled by the media's hyperbole, remember that no one gets more excited about dangerous weather than local TV stations do. While the anchors and producers keep dry in the studio, they get to watch their reporters suffer through the wind and rain, for hours on end, with very little actual information to report. But we all benefit from this arrangement, as it creates a perfect storm of unintentional comedy. Here are the best videos we've found so far.


This first video, courtesy of Mediate, features Tucker Barnes of D.C.'s WTTG Fox 5, reporting live from the Ocean City, Md. boardwalk, where he's being slathered with sea foam. Well, that's what he thinks is covering him from head to toe. "Excuse me, it's in my face as well," he reports. "As you can imagine, it doesn't taste great." Barnes relays what his chief meteorologist told him, "that it's some sort of organic matter — I guess plankton or something, mixed in with sand and salt." But according to MyFoxNY, "The foam is often a toxic mix of pollution and cyanobacteria.... Bubbles and foam in the ocean can be caused by several other things, including oils from decomposing animals." If I were him, I'd start taking Cipro right now.

If you haven't seen this streaker video yet — the man pulls down his shorts while skipping behind Weather Channel reporter Eric Fisher — then you haven't been on the Internet this weekend. Though NSFW nudity is always amusing, it's Fisher's hand-on-the-hip indignation about the people "out and about" and "driving around" — "It's just setting a bad example," he says. "Honestly, this is depressing to watch at the moment." — that makes the video a classic. Also, his swimming goggles. And the cat that walks by at the end.

Hurricane Irene hit Atlantic Beach, N.C. so fiercely that — you're not going to believe this — the beach is full of sand.

Hampton Road, Va.'s ABC affiliate, WVEC, gets the spot interview of a lifetime.

It's no "Charlie bit me," but I like the way he says, "Hey!"

The hurricane turned sidewalks into creeks in Salisbury, Md., where two guys went "street surfing." (What they're actually doing, though, is "street wakeboarding.")

Arlington native Andy Fox of WAVY in Hampton Roads spends three minutes leaning into the wind, and we are transfixed.

The title of this one says it all: "Drunk Girl on CBS News Affiliate In Baltimore." I might add the word "adorable," though. (Call me!)


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